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October 13, 2008


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I vote for B!

Brian Hauge

I vote for B, because I don't like the negative ads candidate A is putting out.


I vote for McGovern.

Jessica Rice

I vote for A, because I think it is wise to "make the logo bigger".


B for me please.


Imagine that. Hitman votes for the B-side again. Always on the B-side. I vote A. A. A.


Give me 'A' or give me 'D!' That's D for DEATH! DUH!


A house divided can not stand! Vote A!


I heard that a Russian graphic designer created B! Sneaky Russian! Vote A!


I vote A. Though B is nice, it doesn't seem too proud of itself. A is in your face this is GRAPHIC CONTENT, vanity style. And since I'm vain, I vote A.

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