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May 05, 2009


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Lovin' this souperhero.

And thanks for humoring me. At your expense...and I feel like a jerk.


It's very important for a strong superhero to be resting one foot on something slightly higher up. I'm glad he kept that idea throughout.

Is The Can Opener his mortal enemy or closest friend?


It looks like SouperMan is hanging out in Hong Kong. Or is that Progresso Point?

I think SouperMan should have a side-kick named "The Cracker". He could claim that he cracks skulls AND can break into little pieces to enhance... flavor?

Mike B.

Hahaha...don't feel like a jerk Holli. I laughed out loud when I read it. Besides, as far as jerks who make fun of my physical attributes go, Hugh Weber is exponentially higher than you on the scale... And I still like him too.

Also, that's a great question, M!les. Because...really...either he's permanently scarred as a result of The Can Opener and consequently hates him, or he is already opened and doesn't fear him at all. I'm kind of wondering myself now...

And "The Cracker" cracking skulls is just sick wit it. Excellent sidekick idea, in my opinion.

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